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stars, tonight

Stars, tonight

I met you like lightning with no sudden signaling
your heart beat took me away that night
it was out of a movie cliche hey you know I don’t mind it that way
your lips met mine right under your pretty silhouette

so where do we find the line beneath insane and insecure
without you I lose my mind

let your heart beat next to mine
lets count the stars tonight
I want to show you, you’re my only one
lets count the stars tonight
lets count the stars tonight

am I blind but I believe it, I believe in true love
I long for the day when we never end
I could of been brain dead or even a vegetable but you still stay there for me
and when everything feels so cold out, and I feel invincible I realize im nothing without you

and all the stars in the sky aren’t enough for you
I want to give you my whole world
I wont let you go, if you promise me
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