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I will make it an account to start posting on here...myspace just won't cut it for my personal thoughts. There is so much in my life that has happened, but at the same time so much this about to begin.. Times fly by so fast it is almost a blur. I sometimes see visions of my future through dreams, through deep thought, but it is the action I take everyday that will ultimately guide my destiny. So many exciting things are happening, as I near the age of adulthood it has finally come. I am happy to say I will not become another sheep, another fool blinded by the system that's set up to suck us dry. I rather die for what I believe in then live for something superficial. There is so much opportunity for us to do great things, and no one is exempt we all carry the power in our hands to affect another person's life in a great way. Keep your head up, don't lay down and die when things get you down, get up and get mad, make it a mission to get your life recharged and on fire. The devil never rests and neither should you, let the attacks come with a smile on your face cause God is more powerful then anything in the supernatural. That is all for now...

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